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Based in Essex, Paul Walden has been supplying exceptional specialist wallpaper and decorating services across Essex, London and The Home Counties for over a decade; with extensive experience in decorating and project management. Renowned for his meticulous attention to detail he is able to design, craft and manage projects to an incredibly high standard with an efficiency that combines the robust with the elegant.

The dedication Paul Walden and his team put into each project is perfectly illustrated in his ability to understand and interpret ambitions, before implementing them with precision. From painting and decorating for an intimate space, whatever your needs you are guaranteed a flawless reflection of your personality that offers practical solutions with a creative flair.


About Paul Walden and Co.
Paul WaldenPaul Walden have a extensive experience in sourcing unique, high end wallpaper from globally renowned suppliers and then hanging it with a professional finish. With over 15 years in the industry, it is both the connections we have made with manufacturers and the attention to detail we offer in terms of wallpaper installation that has seen us endorsed and recommended across Essex.

At Paul Walden we offer a specialist wallpaper consultancy and installation service, advising on design and then applying the most effective method to hang your chosen wallpaper. Skill and care come naturally to each member of the team. We recognise that our service goes beyond simply hanging wallpaper and instead needs to reflect the quality of the product that we work with.

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Overview of Services:

Decorating Servics

The Decorating services provided at Paul Walden are performed to exacting industry standards, ensuring that we match the finest quality materials we use with an exceptional, first class service. No matter what the size of the project, from feature walls to full property redecoration, you are guaranteed to have your requirements not only met, but in many cases exceeded, thanks to detailed consultation and attention to detail.

Wallpaper Specialists

The quality of the materials at our disposal help make Paul Walden and Co a leading decoration company in Essex. Combine that with the professional skillset of our dedicated team and what you have is a decorating firm able to supply a range of high end services. We take care in our work, focussing on each aspect precisely and are wallpaper specialists that have mastered:

• Pasting and cutting wallpaper
• Preparing wall surfaces with sanding and filling
• Hanging Silk, Faux Leather, Wide Vinyl, de Gournay and Grasscloth wall coverings
• Ensuring a seamless finish on joints and corners

The attention to detail that we apply to each and every wall hanging project is a reflection on the skills we are able to utilise and the quality that we guarantee.

Project Management / Decorating Consultation

Paul Walden’s Project Management is a comprehensive service that brings together highly skilled workers for bespoke projects. These projects deliver a high level of quality whilst saving time and resources for the client. Thanks to Paul’s ties with trusted contacts and industry professionals, he is able to source a range of experts to work alongside, from architects to contractors, all who meet his similar standards of perfection and desire for creative construction.

Every project managed personally by Paul and is delivered pragmatically, with strict guidelines in place to refine the process and maximise efficiency without ever losing the innovation that makes his projects unique. With a history of detailed designs for both residential and commercial property, Paul Walden is well known amongst his clients for supplying a high quality service at a competitive price.

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